Happy Christmas

Dear Massimo,
I trust this message finds you well amidst the holiday season. I wanted to extend my warmest wishes to you for a joyful Christmas and upcoming holidays.
Your recommendation of the Grundig full cci system continues to bring immense enjoyment into my life. It has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I am grateful for your insight into such audio excellence.
On a separate note, I’ve been contemplating whether you have ventured into establishing a presence on Patreon. In today’s digital landscape, it seems to offer a valuable platform for individuals with a depth of knowledge and passion, such as yourself, to share their expertise and, in turn, receive recognition and support.
If you have indeed embarked on this endeavor, I would be keen to learn more and offer my support. Your contributions deserve acknowledgment, and I believe platforms like Patreon are well-suited for individuals of your caliber.
Wishing you a serene and joy-filled holiday season.
Kind regards,
Filip xxxxxxx

Dear Filip
I don’t know the platform you mention, maybe after the holidays I’ll try to find out about it. Thank you for the report and for your kind words of appreciation for my work.
Happy Holidays to you!