Hello Massimo,
I’ve read Maurizio’s letter and your response, which I thought was sensational. 🙂 At least  I’ve never seen anywhere before your recommending any series of CD players other than the 35, 35x, 7500,  and 7550. So it sounds as if there’s two more full CCI players, which is good news. 🙂
I’m writing to ask about CD8150 – apparently from the same period – is that a full CCI device also and a worthwhile purchase?
Thanks and regards
Boris xxxxxx

No Boris, only the cd8100 and cd8200 are full CCI, the cd8150 is succeeding and it’s not. It’s true, only recently (about six months) I had the opportunity to better explore the 1988 catalog in which I thought only the 35 series remained as full CCI …. I was amazed myself to find these models that they still benefit from certain attentions.

Understood, and thank you very much for the prompt response. Your discoveries are extremely fascinating to follow.
I’ve had an interesting experience recently whereby I’ve had almost a complete stranger listen to my system with very positive impressions.
If I have time (and energy) I’ll post about that on the forum.