Audio rack and speaker placement questions

Hi Massimo, I hope this message finds you well.
As much as I’m happy with the performance of my stereo system (all thanks to you), I want to make sure I’m getting the best out of it and so I thought I’d ask for some advice — if you have a bit of time for me.
I wanted to get back to the subject of my audio rack.  I refer to this conversation here — — where you can also remind yourself about the kind of rack I’ve got. One of the things I’ve struggled with was the new method of decoupling the speakers and positioning speaker cables… which made me think it might be easier to follow the method if I changed the rack (which I was considering doing anyway), but I wanted to discuss this with you first. That rack, albeit quite good-looking to my taste, has always seemed a bit monstrous (it’s 2m long) but that was the kind of rack I wanted to have when I was on a hunt for more components — spikes on feet, enough room etc. — in my pre-Grundig days I was thinking that, in time, I’d have 2 power amps, separate DAC and transport, and stuff like that. (As you’re aware, thanks to you and to my curiosity, I’ve not gone down that path, and saved a lot and gained a lot.)
Now that I’ve got the components I’m happy with (a bit more on that later), I think I just don’t need that much rack space anymore. My main rig currently consists of R7500, CD7550, CF7250, PS1020 and a small streamer made by a company called Ifi. So only 4 components and a really small streamer. Yes, one could use the bottom section for LPs but I have shelves for that, and unfortunately it’s difficult to arrange cables etc. with that big a rack.
Also, and I think that’s important, I have noted some time ago that your updated recommendation for TL800 is to position them at ca. 80cm from the wall (from the front of the speaker).  If I had a smaller rack, I would be able to position them like that (they’re super close to the wall now, almost resting on it), thus gaining better three-dimensionality (I expect that because that was the effect when I was experimenting with speaker placement a bit).
One thing that concerns me a bit is that the rack is currently placed in a niche (see pictures attached so that you understand what I mean). The niche is approx. 30cm deep as you’ll see in the pictures. So let’s say the new rack will not be that long (but perhaps higher than it is now) and the TL800 can be positioned as you suggest — BUT that will have to be “within” that niche (although because the TL800 is roughly the same depth as the niche there shouldn’t be any “overlap”).  I’ve made a drawing to help you visualize, please see attached.
Will that be a problem for the speakers? Do you think these changes will make sense? Or are there any other suggestions? The question is just speaker placement focussed, i.e. will things get better if I rearranged the rack and the speaker placement?  I’m thinking it’ll also be easier for me to arrange cables (putting the amp on the lower shelf) and make sure the new method of decoupling fully accords to your instructions.
Now, on to the materials. So you were saying in that topic that metal is not the best type of rack to be used with a CCI system.  If I did change my rack, should I be looking for a ready made product such as Ikea etc.? (We don’t have it these days but something similar can be found…)  Or should I have someone produce one for me to my needs?  I know you said it doesn’t need to be “for hi-fi use”. However, I’ve found some furniture maker who produces wooden racks for audio purposes but, unlike others, they don’t seem too “esoteric” in design and prices are also modest (compared to the inflated market of course…). See examples of his works here:
It seems as though it can be made entirely of wood, and, if it’s advisable, he can probably use glue instead of screws?.. What do you think of that stuff? Is it worth it or should I be looking for something else?
Your kind assistance will be much appreciated. There’s no rush at all. Also, if you prefer, I can post all this to that topic on the forum (and no need to publish this in “Letters” in that case), let me know.
Many thanks in advance and best regards
Boris xxxxxx

Dear Boris
I can tell you what I would do in your place.
1) I would remove the current rack
2) I would remove unused apparatus and place them in another room
3) I would do a test using a small table (if you have one at home) in which to place the electronics one on top of the other, leaving the CD player on top and placing the turntable next to it. All this does not cause any inconvenience if you manage not to let the cables touch and if the table haven’t mobile parts.
4) at this point you would have all the space to best arrange the TL800s
Best Regards