Pioneer N30ae

Thank you very much for the answers!! It is very helpful!
I might  be interested in buying the LT MA10tp in the future. Is it safe to ship abroad? Can you please tell me is there some streaming solution that you recommend?
I noticed that you mentioned Pioneer N-30-S. Does it fit with the CCI system? Can you modify it, and please, if yes, what would be the cost?
In the last few days I was able to track and buy the V7000 amp, and I am puzzled why it sounds better (softer with greater depth and very pleasant for quite to moderate listening) than my R35 (which I got in the perfect condition with original papers…) I was expecting a similar performance…but definitely V7000 is more enjoyable and more engaging.
I have to thank you once again for spreading the knowledge about the CCI and Grundig, and helping so many people reach the optimum listening experience.
Best regards

Hi Filip
There are no problems with shipments abroad being tracked. Several people abroad have an LT at home.
The Pioneer N30 ae full CCI mod. have a cost of xxxeur. I recommended it (only if modified) for liquid music. The differences between Grundig full CCI amplifiers are often due to different conditions in which they are found 40 years after their construction. To this are added any differences in the frequency response..
Best Regards